Landscape Drawing

I am an artist who cannot draw.  Well, maybe I can but I don’t know how.  So I decided to work on this skill and I enrolled in a Craftsy class (Perspective in Landscape Drawing) taught by Patrick Connors, a New York Artist and professor.  Over the holidays, I started the first couple of lessons and our homework was drawing a landscape from real life (not photos).  But the place I was staying was too cold, so I took a photo anyway and used that as my reference because I wanted to get started!  Here’s my photo:

And here’s my drawing:

And here’s Patrick’s critique:

“Hello Carol Ann Waugh, Welcome to Perspective in Landscape Drawing. Congratulations on the posting of your first assignment and thank you for all the information. It is a wonderful first effort and you have garnered justified kudos and insights from fellow Craftsy’s participants. On that note, on the topic of “Success of a Drawing” there can be many reasons for this. In this course the aim is spatial structure and as you can see from previous commentary, too literal a transcription from photographic imagery may compromise or even cancel pictorial depth. In this all-important concern, you did well. The trees that are in shadow may need to be less apparent and those shadows should get less dark as they recede from the viewer. Also, be careful of detail. In the foreground your attention to detail is good and it provides a threshold or invitation to the space. The attention to detail is less successful in the trees that form the background in that the dark tones push those trees forward.”

How wonderful to have an online teacher like Patrick who takes the time to really critique your work and give you ideas on how to improve.  I feel like I am learning, not only from a master, but also from a personal tutor!

If you have ever wanted to learn to draw, this might be the class for you.  Check it out at Craftsy and save 25% off the retail price with this link.

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  1. Jackie Peterson says:

    Looks like you CAN draw after all. nice!

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