Artist Highlight – Regina Benson

I have been an admirer of Regina’s fiber work for many years and can’t believe I haven’t blogged about her before!  But, as I was flying to New Hampshire to lecture and teach this week, I brought my Fiber Art Now magazine with me to read on the airplane and there she was, profiled in an article on Rust Dyeing in the Spring 2015 issue.

When I first met Regina, she was pretty intimidating.  As a newbie to fiber art in those days, it seemed as though she had “been there and done that” and “knew everyone who you needed to know” but after spending some time with her, I found out that she was a wonderful, warm and approachable person.  I also knew that she understood the value of marketing and networking in building her brand.  Since my background is in marketing, that spoke to me and I gained a lot of respect for this fiber artist.

Regina is a unique voice in the fiber art world.  She mostly works with installations or pieces that are “off the wall”.  She has sold her work to institutions and individual collectors.  Regina is a serious artist and one worth following if you are also serious about making fiber art your full time career.





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Felting & Stitching

I am working on a new series right now but the other day, I discovered another series I started about a year ago and now, I want to jump in and work on this instead.  I was experimenting with felting and stitching and loved the result.

Last year was one of my most productive years of making art and I think 2015 will be even more productive.  That’s a gift since 2 years ago, I couldn’t make anything.  The creative muse comes and goes. Why is that???

How do we juggle so many ideas at once?  But I keep reminding myself that focus is important.  My current objective is to show 5 of my “Conversations” pieces in my next solo show this fall. And I still haven’t decided how to finish the edges.

So exploring more felting and stitching has got to take a back seat for now.




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Mentoring Emerging Artists

(l to r) Jean Jones, Richard Stucky, Me, Alli Gerrish, Leslie Jorgensen, Paula Breymeier

Last October, I started mentoring five artists who applied through the Art Students League of Denver.  The objective of the mentoring was to share my knowledge of how to market art and to help these artists connect with the art buying community in Denver.  We met for two hours every month and I brought in several guest speakers — each who had an expertise to share.

These artists had to work hard on creating all the marketing materials they needed in order to present their work to the public.  This included creating an artist’s statement, a body of work statement, getting high-quality photos of their art, creating a website with associated social media sites, printing a portfolio book, postcards and business cards.

All this work led up to having an exhibit of their work at my aBuzz Gallery for a month.

The opening reception was March 26th and it was the best opening ever attended at aBuzz. These five artists did spectacular work and their friends and family appreciated the opportunity to see their art presented in a contemporary art gallery in the RiNo art district of Denver.

And I was rewarded by seeing each of them grow into professional artists and knowing I had played a small part in their success.

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Color Wheel

I am writing a series of blog posts on using the color wheel to look for easy ways to come up with an effective color palette.  They will be published on the BERNINA We All Sew website in a few months.  But, as I was walking around our neighborhood today, I saw the first signs of Spring (YEAH!) and snapped some photos of how nature shows us she already know the color wheel!  DUH!  These purple crocuses with the yellow stamens are, of course, a complimentary color scheme.  Now I’m on the lookout for red/green and blue/orange combinations.  Train your eye to start picking out these combinations in your own artwork as well as your environment.  We can’t learn too much about using color as artists.

Next week, I start a new watercolor class with May Yipp.  I can’t wait to get back to this medium.  Although I am really torn about how to spend my time because I LOVE making my new series of fiber art.  Hmmmm.  Well, at least I’m not stuck in a non-creative phase which happens periodically.

BTW, there was a wonderful article in the NY Times on March 20th titled “Finding Success, Well Past the Age of Wunderkind”.  It’s very inspiring and talks about all the people who are living their dreams AFTER they retired from their day jobs.

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Public Art — Denver Lily

A new addition to the public art at DIA (Denver International Airport) debuted this month and I love it!  It’s called the Denver Lily and was made by Price Davis, an artist that has his studio a few block from my gallery.  His piece is almost 3 stories high and dominates the 5th floor of the main terminal where everyone taking the train exits so lots of people will see his wonderful piece.

Public art frequently demands that artists work in large dimensions and I think that’s a difficult thing to do for fiber artists.  But maybe I’m just stuck making pieces that are small enough to mount on panels.  In any case, I get so inspired by what other artists make using different media.  Price said he worked for a year to make this piece.  Thats dedication!

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