Artist Highlight – Tim Harding

Here is an artist after my own heart.  All about color and texture.  I saw his work for the first time at the Masters II exhibit, sponsored by SAQA, at the AQS show in Michigan.  Unfortunately, his website design doesn’t allow for close up viewing and doesn’t represent his work very well but I was fortunate to take a photo and a close-up so you can actually see his work.

This piece is called Autumn Canopy — aptly named as you can imagine standing under a tree and looking up at the sky where the leaves turn orange and red.  Tim calls his technique reverse applique but I would characterize it more as a layer and fold technique.  I didn’t see any stitching on this piece but it could be he hid the thread from view.  Obviously, there was no touching allowed but from my close inspection, it also looked like the surface might have had some kind of coating on it.  Tim works in a grid format with silk fabric, giving his pieces a luminosity that cotton cannot match. I also recommend reading his artist statement.  It is one of the best I’ve ever read.



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AQS – Grand Rapids, Michigan

I just returned from a teaching at AQS QuiltWeek in Grand Rapids, MI and I have to say, this was the best teaching experience I’ve ever had.  AQS put us up at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, adjoining the DeVos Convention center where the classrooms and exhibit were housed. The classrooms were very large so every student had space to sew as well as work on a table.  Irons and cutting mats were provided in generous quantities so even in classes of 24 students, no one had to wait long to use them.  And, high-quality Elna sewing machines were furnished along with a person from Janome who was there to explain how the machines worked and solve any problems during my classes.

I taught all three of my classes — Stupendous Stitching, Stitch & Slash and Self Portraits and I think all the students had a fun time.  At least, that’s what they told me over and over.  I LOVE teaching and truly, the most rewarding part is when someone discovers their artistic side in the classroom and make a truly wonderful piece of art.  Many students did just that but here is one portrait I thought I would share with you.  It’s a wonderful, creative work of art.  I’m sorry I didn’t write down the student’s name so I can’t share that with you.

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Photography Inspiration

This has been an “art filled” week and very satisfying!  I started it with a “simple sketching” class with my friend Judith Cassel Mamet.  This class was all about using a variety of media to draw and paint fabric and flowers.  A day later, Judith and I attended a color mixing class with the British painter and author Michael Wilcox.  His theory about the color wheel was quite interesting since he didn’t ever use the three pure primary colors of red, yellow and blue!  I will be reading his book and doing some color mixing when I get back from my teaching at AQS in Michigan next week.

But the most interesting thing I learned all week was how to loosen up and take photographs of nature without even focusing or worrying about the composition.  Judith and I met at the Denver Botanical Gardens where the seminar was held and spent the first hour randomly sticking our cameras into the foliage and flowers and just snapping away.  Many photos were garbage but several were just amazing!  Here’s just one of the ones I really love and will begin thinking about how to incorporate this technique into my new series of fiber art.

I’m really excited about the possibilities.

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Last Thoughts — Embroidery Stitch Book

Well, my friends, our stitching journey has ended.

I hope you have had as much fun as I have coming up with lots of different patterns to embroider.  As you can see, there is NO end to our creativity!  I want to thank everyone for taking this journey with me and I hope you will email me and show me pages from your own stitch book.  I always love to see what people create with stitch.

Happy Stitching!

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Chihuly at Denver Botanical Gardens

Living a block away from the Denver Botanical gardens has its advantages and disadvantages.  Being able to walk to the gardens and savor all the wonderful displays of nature in every season is wonderful.  Dealing with the parking and traffic issues is not so great.  And this summer, we are experiencing the highs and lows in the extreme.  Because, the Chihuly exhibit is the most amazing thing I have ever seen and everyone in Denver agrees!  Here is just one photo showing the juxtaposition of his luminous glass sculptures amidst the garden’s greenery.  Just fabulous.

I will be spending many hours in this place, just looking and absorbing this beautiful combination of man-made and nature-made art.  Perhaps it will inspire my new works!

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