Embroidery Stitch Book 81

Running stitch

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ArtHaus Challenge

About a month ago, I was invited to create a piece of art to celebrate the second anniversary of ArtHaus Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in RiNo owned by Aliki McCain and Michael Gadlin.  There was only one catch.  I had to make the art from a cardboard box filled with ephemera.  The only rules were that the finished piece had to use the cardboard box and at least 3 things inside the box.  Plus, the color red.

Wow.  That was a big challenge for a fiber artist!

I took everything out of the box and set them on a table for a couple of weeks, hoping to be inspired.  Mixed media artists are used to combining lots of disparate things in their art and arranging them in wonderful compositions.  Not me!

After some thought, I decided to make some paper that combined thread, paint and gel mediums to serve as something to cover the cardboard.  As I was working, it occurred to me that maybe I could continue to hide the ephemera within a box so I started thinking about hiding things behind doors.

I began making “doors” using the cardboard and paper and then made some “boxes” that the doors could be mounted to.  I used balsa wood, glued and painted the boxes black.  I then found some tiny hinges and glued the doors to the boxes.

I glued the remainder of the paper to a 16″ x 16″ wooden panel and painted the sides black.  Then I mounted the doors onto the panel with a super glue.

I love the 3-D look of this piece and the fact that it is interactive.

People have to open each door to see what’s inside.  Each door has a theme that is reflected in the choice and placement of items that were included in the initial box of ephemera.  I hope you can come to the exhibit at ArtHaus and see what’s inside each door!  The Opening Reception is First Friday, August 1, 2014 from 6-9om.

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Embroidery Stitch Book 80

Running stitch, French knots

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Learning to Paint with Watercolor

I think its important to work with many different mediums as an artist.  Because I never went to art school, this means I need to search out classes and teachers who are willing to work with a novice!  The Art Student’s League of Denver offers many coursed for beginners and I have taken a few there. But I have to say, the convenience of Craftsy is a definite pull.  I find it tough to meet a schedule in person every week since I am traveling so much with teaching.

So a couple of weeks ago, I enrolled in Mary Murphy’s class on Watercolor Flower Bouquet.  She is a wonderful teacher.  Clear, unthreatening, and confident.  I had fun doing all the exercises (value color chips, color wheel, and color contrasts) but when it came to actually painting something, I was really nervous.  I like flowers but old buildings really interest me so I chose an old barn to render in one color to study the importance of value.

I think it turned out OK for a first painting.  Mary suggested I add some sky and clouds.  I kind of like the starkness of the background.  What do you think?

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Embroidery Stitch Book 79

Stem stitch, running stitch, French knots

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