Embroidery Stitch Book 67

Running stitch, French knots

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Embroidery Stitch Book 66

Running stitch, French knots

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Artist Highlight: Jo Fitsell

Jo Fitsell is an amazing fiber artist.  I met her many years ago and am still enthralled with her artistic vision and ability to create fabric without actually “seeing” the final result.  She dyes, paints, resists, discharges, transfers, screen prints, and I could go on and on but trust me,  she uses just about every technique and tool she can find to create beautiful fabric, all created by her hand.

She teaches workshops for adults and children in Denver at the Art Student’s League as well as for quilt guilds all over the country.  Yesterday, she did an artist discussion and demo at the Museum of Outdoor Art and I went to see her work her magic in person.  I love watching other artists work and always try to find time to seek out these opportunities, hoping their talent will rub off on me!  I always leave inspired to think out of the box!

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Embroidery Stitch Book 65

Stem stitch, running stitch, French knot

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Contemporary Fiber: Colorado Invitational 2014

Several months ago, Cayce Goldberg and I were talking about mounting an invitational fiber art exhibition for his new Helikon Gallery.  This gallery space is large and impressive and I could immediately think of some fiber artists that could fill the space with important and intriguing pieces.  I put together a list of 19 artists, working in all different types of fiber mediums — from painted fabric, woven steel, formed paper, lighted sculpture, as well as fabric and thread.  While you might know some of the fiber artist’s names I think this exhibit will introduce you to others that are not as well known but who are doing wonderful work.  This exhibit is the first major exhibit of fiber art in a privately owned contemporary art gallery in the city of Denver.  Here’s a link that will take you to a page with all the artist’s and their websites.

The exhibit will run from June 5 through July 19th in Denver, CO so if you find yourself in the city or nearby, please stop by to see the work up close and personal.  There will be a printed exhibition guide to showcase the work as well.  Enjoy!

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