New Installation

This is a commission I made for Noyes Art Designs that was installed in the Great Plains Health Center in Nebraska.  I love it when they send me photos of what my art looks like on the wall. This time, above a fireplace.  A perfect spot for fiber — out of the way of hands touching it (who can resist!) and out of direct sunlight.  The black background really makes these pieces stand out on this wall of brick.  And I love how the shape mimics the shape of the fireplace!  These art consultants are such pros and a joy to work with!


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Child’s View of The World


Valentina, Age 8

Today, my two grandkids (6 & 8) returned home to Dallas after spending 10 days with us here in Denver.  It was hard in the beginning, adjusting to a new schedule and different eating habits (like what DO you like to eat???), but by the end of the trip, Grandma and Grandpa figured it out.  Every day, we took lots of trips and had lots of adventures but one of the things they loved to do best was paint with Grandma.  And, of course, there were no rules.


Giorgio, Age 6

So when Giorgio started his painting by covering his paper with black watercolor, I didn’t say a thing.  But I should have been watching since somehow, he was able to add color on top of the black!

Valentina’s sense of composition and use of contrast (while I don’t think she did this on purpose but more with an innate sense of what works) made a pleasing and interesting piece.

I scanned them into my computer since I would like to print some of their paintings on fabric and use it in my own work.  I kind of like thinking about how to do that and honor their watercolor art.


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Painting with Acrylic

IMG_0292Last week, the “To Expand” group of artists all came to Ken Elliot‘s house to take a two day painting class.  Since none of us works in this medium, we thought it would be fun to challenge ourselves and get out of our box.  The first day, I brought my watercolors and nothing worked.  The second day, thanks to my friend Victoria Eubanks, I began to work on a large canvas with acrylics.

Ken told us about Emily Mason, the wife of Wolf Kahn, so I decided to try to learn by copying one of her pieces.

After I laid out the initial composition, I quickly realized that I couldn’t paint with Emily’s voice, I had to paint with my voice so I put away the image of her painting and just started painting.  Listening to my sense of color and balance.  After hours of work, I painted something I actually liked!  I know I have a long way to go as a painter but I firmly believe we all need to work in different mediums all the time.  It stretches us and makes us humble.  It shows us what we know and what we don’t know.  And, makes us more aware of other people’s talent.  All good things to learn!

Oh!  BTW, this was the image I was trying to copy.  I changed the scale and orientation and then blurred the surface with white.  Emily is sooooo much better at this than I am!



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Iridescent Cloud or Crystalline Entity

IMG_8875Once a year, Denver’s Office of Arts and Venues offers a scooter tour of Public Art.  So today, I scooted around with about 50 other people to see and hear about the art.  Here’s one of the hidden gems I discovered today.  Recently installed at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, this sculpture was made by Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan, two artists from Seattle Washington.

It was beautiful, with the sun reflecting off all the prisms.

But it got me thinking.

As a BIG Star Trek fan, I remembered see the Crystalline Entity — a beautiful structure, similar to this, that destroyed everything it came in contact with.

It reminded me that art can evoke many responses — not all under the artist’s control or intention.  It’s a very powerful medium for expression but can have very different reactions from the viewers.  So is this a thing of beauty or something dangerous.  Something to think about.


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Hoffman Fabrics



In a previous post, I mentioned a new series I’m working on and I have just completed my 6th piece in the “Conversations” series.  I’m thinking of entering 3 of these into the next Quilt National so now, I can’t post any photos because of the restrictions on entering this show.  So I decided to start a new series based on decades instead of years and have committed to making 8 pieces in this series — one for every decade of my life.  No, I am not in my 80’s but by the time I finish it, I will have hit 70!

I decided to make all the pieces in this next series with Hoffman Bali Handprint Batiks.  In my opinion, these are the best batiks on the market.  I knew my local quilt store would not carry all the specific colors I would need so I emailed the company to see if there was a way I could work with them and was amazed at their response!  They loved my fiber art and they sent me their fabric samples so I could choose the exact fabrics I needed.

Truthfully, it was a little overwhelming!  It was not an easy task to choose only 64 fabrics from their 360 samples!  Now I know how hard it must be for fabric stores to stock their shelves!  I wanted all of them but didn’t have the budget.

They also sent me some Bali Pops to use for the small letters I am putting on my pieces.  I can’t wait to get started.  I am a happy supporter of Hoffman Fabrics!



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