Street Art

IMG_8556We live in a world that rushes by everything and where we are always multi-tasking — not really stopping to look, feel and think about the moment. But the other day, while I was driving home, I was stopped at a light an glanced over to the sidewalk where I found a person looking at me.  It brought me back to one of my favorite movies – The Wizard of Oz — where the apple trees were alive and scary and yet this tree wasn’t like that at all.  It was welcoming and fun.  It had a personality I wanted to know better.

I love finding art in the most unexpected places and I will start looking for more of these expressions this summer.

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Fiber & Wax

IMG_8535Victoria Eubanks and I co-taught a workshop called Fiber & Wax this weekend.  We had a wonderful group of artists who enjoyed exploring the combination of these two, diverse media.  One of my favorites was made by Cindy Doggett who incorporated a dried leaf to give her piece some added dimension.

We all had a great time exploring the possibilities and we can’t wait to do it again!

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Euclidean Space

Euclidean space encompasses both two and three-dimensional space. Coincidentally, often an artist is referred to as a one-dimensional subject ‘painter’ ‘printmaker’ or ‘sculptor’, but in reality, many work in both 2D and 3D.  In this invited exhibition of ASLD instructors (Art Students League of Denver), I was struck by the idea that art is not about the medium but about the expression.  Here are three amazing artists that expressed their thought in two different (and challenging!) mediums — sculpture and painting.  If you live in Denver, visit EDGE Gallery to see these works in person.  Definitely worth your time!

Gayla Lemke

Jeff Wenzel

Nura Nascarenas

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Denver National Quilt Show

I spent a couple of hours over the past 2 days attending the Mancuso show in Denver.  This is the 10th year they have hosted this show and I have to say, the quilts displayed were among the best I have seen.

Several of my friends won awards for their exquisite pieces but the two that I liked the best, didn’t win any awards, but I thought they were the best in show.  You can see I’m quite out of the mainstream of judging winners.  Because I work in many different artistic mediums, I am always asking myself “What is the best medium to express my concept?”  Working in fiber has it’s advantages and disadvantages.  But one of the huge advantages is that fiber is flexible and uniquely suited to 3 dimensional work.  But few fiber artist take advantage of that.

New Mexico artist Nora Bebee did just that.

This piece  is titled “Sushi Anyone?”


And this piece is titled “Heart of the City”.

After a quick Google search, I could not find her website and that is sad since I wanted to see more of her work.

And, while it’s important to get your artwork out into the public eye, I didn’t this this hanging system showed her work in the best light.  I would have liked seeing this in a gallery setting where it would get the attention it so richly deserves.

I applaud Nora for her courage in making non-traditional fiber art, entering into a “traditional” quilt show (I define that as shows that hang fiber art on curtains) where her chances of winning “Best in Show” are negligible, but who delighted my eyes and mind today.  You gave me a gift.

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Real Women, Real Leaders

About a year ago, I was asked to write an article about how I built a career in a man’s world, the challenges it presented, the decisions I made, and what I thought were my five top leadership competencies.  The book was just published and I am so honored to be among the 24 women who shared their stories.  I hope this book will become an inspirational road map for the young women just starting their careers, to women in mid-career who want to go farther, a well as to women who have just retired and want to develop a new career.  Everything I learned from working in the educational publishing world, I have brought into my new career as a fiber artist. In the end, it’s all about networking and mentoring other people to be successful.  That is what brings meaning to my life.

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