Embroidery Stitch Book 68

Stem stitch, running stitch, French knots

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Inspiration is Everywhere

Every year, Denver celebrates its unique architecture and historical buildings with an event called Doors Open Denver.  This year, the building (Dry Ice Factory) that my gallery is in, was one of the featured buildings opened to the public.  My husband and a friend decided this would be a great way to scooter around Denver to see all the buildings on the map.

The most interesting “find” was something — yes, in the RiNo Art district!  OZ Architecture is a design firm on Larimer street.  They occupy a large building, converted from iron works factory.  But in the back, there was this interesting stack of shipping containers and on closer inspection, it was a little office building!

Here’s a photo of the second story.  How interesting is that!

We also have a swimming pool made from freight containers at Taxi.

Joseph Riche used shipping containers to create three sculptures in our neighborhood.

And now, another commercial building was constructed with shipping containers and houses some interesting businesses on Larimer Street.

What’s inspiring to me?  The re-use of materials and the geometric patterns created by these containers.  I might just have to start creating fiber art that uses these images as inspiration.

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Embroidery Stitch Book 67

Running stitch, French knots

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Embroidery Stitch Book 66

Running stitch, French knots

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Artist Highlight: Jo Fitsell

Jo Fitsell is an amazing fiber artist.  I met her many years ago and am still enthralled with her artistic vision and ability to create fabric without actually “seeing” the final result.  She dyes, paints, resists, discharges, transfers, screen prints, and I could go on and on but trust me,  she uses just about every technique and tool she can find to create beautiful fabric, all created by her hand.

She teaches workshops for adults and children in Denver at the Art Student’s League as well as for quilt guilds all over the country.  Yesterday, she did an artist discussion and demo at the Museum of Outdoor Art and I went to see her work her magic in person.  I love watching other artists work and always try to find time to seek out these opportunities, hoping their talent will rub off on me!  I always leave inspired to think out of the box!

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